Developing Applications

You can use Solace Messaging APIs, as well as many open APIs and messaging protocols, to build client messaging applications to work with advanced event mesh for SAP Integration Suite. Under the hood, SAP uses APIs from Solace. These APIs and the related documentation are available on the Solace website. For information about the Solace Messaging APIs, see the following links: Solace Messaging API

If you haven't already, check out Getting Started with SAP Integration Suite, Advanced Event Mesh to set up an event broker service. An event broker service can be used to test your client applications that you've created using the Solace Messaging APIs.

Managing Event Broker Services

You can use the Solace Element Management Protocol, version 2 (SEMPv2) to manage your event broker services. See the following for more information:

Advanced event mesh also has REST APIs to manage your event broker service. You can try the following tutorials to learn how to manage your event broker service in advanced event mesh: