Logging into the Cloud Console

All user accounts in advanced event mesh for SAP Integration Suite are automatically provisioned with single sign-on (SSO). The login URL is set up on a per-region basis using the following format: https://<region>.console.pubsub.em.services.cloud.sap.

where <region> is the identifier for the region.

For example, for the eu10 region in production, the URL may look like https://eu10.console.sap.pubsub.em.services.cloud.sap?tenant-id=%.

To learn more about logging into your advanced event mesh account, refer to Accessing SAP Integration Suite, Advanced Event Mesh.

Logging In

You can log in to all of your accounts with the same user credentials.

Screenshot of the log in page

After successfully logging in, if you belong to more than one account, a prompt appears asking you to select an account.

Screenshot of the account selection page

If you belong to only one account, you sign in immediately.

Switching Between Accounts

You can switch between your accounts by clicking the user icon at the bottom of the navigation bar.

Screenshot of the account switch options