What Is SAP Integration Suite, Advanced Event Mesh?

Advanced event mesh for SAP Integration Suite is a complete event streaming, event management, and monitoring platform that incorporates best practices, expertise, and technology for event-driven architecture (EDA) on a single platform. Our platform is offered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) which:

  • gives you everything you need to accelerate your organization's EDA adoption, allowing you to fulfill modern use cases that demand real-time, intelligent event streaming
  • provides an intuitive, unified interface to design, deploy, manage, monitor, and govern your event streaming infrastructure (including the events that flow over it) in the most secure manner.

Advanced event mesh offers these categories of services:

Event Streaming

Mission Control provides event streaming services. Mission Control gives you access to event broker services that provide advanced features like the publish-subscribe messaging pattern, queuing, streaming, replay, and request-reply, while we do all the heavy lifting to dynamically deploy, upgrade, patch, and operate your service. We engineer it all to be secure, resilient, and cost-optimized so you can focus on building applications and your EDA. In addition to this, you can manage your event broker services whether they are located in the cloud or on-premises, easily visualize and design event meshes, securely centralize the management of your EDA, and easily scale to drive your EDA forward.

Although advanced event mesh is offered as a SaaS, it extends beyond the cloud to support infrastructure and EDAs across hybrid cloud solutions and your on-premises deployments, thus providing you with a cloud-managed solution. In addition, advanced event mesh can manage event broker services not only in Public Region and Dedicated Region cloud environments, but also your virtual private cloud environments and in your on-premises deployments. This architecture is similar to how VMware Tanzu and Google Anthos provide a control plane for Kubernetes.


Event Management

Event Portal provides event management services. This subscribed service provides powerful tools to create, design, share, and manage various aspects of your EDA based on event brokers or other streaming technologies (such as Kafka). In addition, we provide leading-edge technology that offers runtime discovery and the cataloging of events, schemas, and application interactions running in your EDA. We also fully support the AsyncAPI 2.0.0 specification so that you can easily generate code, generate documentation, validate events, and apply API management policies for applications in your EDA.


Event Monitoring and Insights

With Insights, we do the work to provide curated dashboards, easy-to-understand visualizations based on historical and real-time metrics, and timely notifications about your event broker services. This advanced information allows you to identify problems before they occur and helps you to better manage your services as your EDA scales. You can work with SAP to configure your monitoring to meet your needs. For advanced monitoring requirements, there's a single entry point to build custom visualizations to meet your organization's requirements. Coupled with visualizations is a notification email framework that alerts you when key metrics fall outside of your established thresholds. These notifications allow you to monitor what's occurring and correct developing issues before they impact or degrade your EDA. You can configure these notifications to integrate with your existing notification and logging systems.


Subscription Services in SAP Integration Suite, Advanced Event Mesh

Advanced event mesh for SAP Integration Suite offers various deployment options and provides a REST API you can use to perform administrative tasks. In addition, you can choose from a wide range of rich client APIs to connect to and use event broker services.

Event streaming, event management, and event monitoring are accessible through an intuitive, unified interface called the Cloud Console that provides these subscription services :

  • Mission Control
  • Event Portal
  • Insights

You can manage your advanced event mesh accounts. For more information about managing users, see Managing Accounts and Users.

Event Portal

Event Portal is the single place to design, create, discover, share, secure and manage all of the events within your ecosystem.

To learn more, see Event Portal.

Mission Control

Mission Control makes it easy to deploy event broker services, create event meshes, and optimize and monitor the health and performance of an event-driven system.

To learn more, see Mission Control.


Insights is an advanced monitoring service that allows you to detect potential issues before they have a negative impact on your event broker services. You can use dashboards to monitor your event broker services. You can also use Insights to receive email notifications.

To learn more, see Insights.

Deploying SAP Integration Suite, Advanced Event Mesh

You can use our platform as a fully-managed SaaS, or deploy event broker services in your own private cloud environments or in Kubernetes (in the cloud or on-premises).

To learn about the different ways you can deploy event broker services, see Deploying SAP Integration Suite, Advanced Event Mesh.

Developing Applications for SAP Integration Suite, Advanced Event Mesh

You can create applications that use REST APIs to manage accounts, users, services, and more. For details, see Understanding the REST API.

You can use various SAP Messaging APIs build applications that connect to event broker services. For information about the various APIs see, Developing Applications.

Security in SAP Integration Suite, Advanced Event Mesh

Advanced event mesh for SAP Integration Suite is secure by default. Our platform has has enterprise-grade security built into every level of the platform to ensure that your event-driven architecture and its data remains secure.

For more information, see Security in SAP Integration Suite, Advanced Event Mesh.